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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Leather = Wardrobe Must!!

Don't we all desire to add a little edge to our lives and to our style? Don't we all desire to mix up our clothes this fall and winter? I know I do.

How do we do this? LEATHER.

This fall/winter, leather will be back bigger than ever. Grunge and tough are the way to go this season. I deck myself out in as much black leather as possible. I LOVE leather that has been distressed, studded, torn, beaded, basically I like leather in any shape or form. It is a great look for the winter time and it keeps you warm. It helps give your outfit a little attitude, while still looking like a trendsetter.

If you do not want to look too tough, wear only a single leather piece of clothing or add a leather accessory to your outfit. Just by adding a little leather to your outfit, really adds more character. Just by throwing on a leather jacket over a t-shirt and shorts or adding a leather studded purse with any outfit will be just the right amount of leather.

Here are some great leather items that we all need to invest in!!

Here are some celebs who know how to wear there leather.

Kristen Cavalari looks great in her leather skirt and girly tee. The leather adds so much to her outfit and makes her look like more than just a good girl from the block.

Now, Taylor Momsen and Miley Cyrus are known for their entire leather outfits, but they also know when and hot to tone it down. Here is Taylor is a great leather jacket and tee and Miley in sexy over the knee boots and in a slimming, leather dress! Don't they look great?